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Breakfast and After School Club

We run a Breakfast Club and two Afterschool Clubs for children aged 2 years to 11 years during term time.  One afterschool club is 3.00pm - 6.00pm at our main site, with a walking from Bracken Leas School for those children of school age - the walking bus is taken through our garden and the school grounds are accessed via a secure gate.  Our second Afterschool Club is called the Yellow Room and this is run from our Pre-school room onsite at Bracken Leas 3.00pm - 5.00pm.  This is for children that attend our Pre-school through to year 6.

The Breakfast Club begins at 7.45am, and the children have access to a variety of cereals, toast, yoghurt and brioche for Breakfast. Breakfast finishes for the school children at 8.20am as we will need to get the children and their belongings together ready to take them up to school.

Playgroup and Pre-school children will have until 8.30am to finish their breakfast before we clear up ready to start our fun and activities at 9.00am, when the other children for Playgroup and Pre-school will arrive.

Afterschool children who come down to our main site from Bracken Leas will meet our staff at the MUGA. Key stage 1 children are brought out to us at the MUGA and Key stage 2 make their own way to the MUGA.

Afterschool children in the yellow room - Key stage 1 children will be collected from their classrooms by our team.  Key stage 2 make their own way to the yellow room. 

 All Bracken Leas children will be marked in on our registers.  Please remember to tell us if you are collecting your child direct from school as this causes delays to the walking bus while we look for children that have not turned up.

Please note that we often operate a waiting list for Breakfast and Afterschool club please email admin@steppingstones-preschool.org.uk to discuss your requirements.