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Holiday Club

Stepping Stones offer a "home from home" environment during the School Holidays for children to come and play, spend time with their friends, and engage in activities such as crafts, competitions and outdoor activities. We have recently introduced a school day session for those parents who normally work during school hours, as well as full day and half day sessions to suit individual needs.  If attending all day or the afternoon session a light tea will be provided around 4.30pm.

If you are interested in using our holiday club, which is open to all children from the ages 2-11, from Brackley and the surrounding areas please fill in our registration form. It is probably a good idea for you to book an introductory session or short stay and play to get your child used to us. There is no registration fee so register ahead, and pop in to see our club in action. As a user of our Holiday Club, you can now download our booking form at any time to book your sessions. You do not need to wait until a few weeks before the holidays but can book ahead, although booking conditions do apply (please refer to our Holiday Booking Procedure policy).

Download Holiday Club Forms

Please find below the links for the relevant forms. The forms will be downloaded in a separate window.

 Generic Booking Form - this can be used for any Holiday Club
 Holiday Club - Registration Form
 Holiday Club - Booking Policy

Holiday Club Next Date

October Holiday Club
Monday 22 October Friday 26 October 2018

January Holiday Club
Wednesday 2 January Monday 7 January 2019

February Holiday Club
Monday 18 Friday 22 Feb 2019

Easter Holiday Club
Monday 8 April Thursday 18 April 2019

May Holiday Club
Tuesday 28 May Friday 31 May 2019